Peace Weekend

On the weekend of May 8th-10th 2020 we are encouraging churches across the country to participate in Peace Weekend - a traditional street-party style celebratory lunch for local communities to enjoy.
SASRA are preparing Peace Weekend Party Packs, which you can request for your event. Complete the form below to request your Party Pack.

Peace Weekend Party Packs will commence delivery from March 15th.
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Peace Weekend Party Pack
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Inside the Party Pack

In our Peace Weekend Party Packs you will find:

  • WWII Recipes

    Prepare authentic celebration dishes with our recipe collection.

  • WWII Sing Along

    Song book and backing tracks of wartime favourites.

  • Template Kit

    Party decorations, invitation ideas and various other templates.

  • Sermon Illustrations

    Textual examples for use during sermons.

  • Flash Drive

    Contains evangelistic videos to play during your celebration and other digital files you'll need for your party.

Get your Peace Weekend Party Pack delivered direct to your door

Complete the form below to have your Peace Weekend Party Pack sent to you in the post.

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Add SASRA in the Second World War to your order?

As part of our peace2020 celebrations we have compiled a book detailing the exploits of Scripture Readers during the conflict.
Find out more about SASRA in the Second World War here.

The cost of SASRA in the Second World War is £7.00.

Yes No
£7SASRA in the Second World War book cover

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