SASRA in the Second World War

For this special celebratory occasion, the team at SASRA have collated a wealth of information from across Europe and further afield about the Scripture Readers active during World War II and how their efforts and contributions played a role in securing victory. All this and more is now available to read in our new book SASRA in the Second World War, available for you to pre-order now.
There are limited copies available and they are proving popular, so purchase yours now to avoid disappointment.

"This book is a wonderful insight into the power of consistent prayer walking hand in hand with the power of the unchanging Gospel. Whether the context was peace or conflict, the home front or the foreign theatre, the Scripture Readers found that the Gospel of Christ was able to bring peace and hope to all who looked to the cross.

Through varying first-hand accounts, you will be encouraged in your faith and personal witness and challenged to follow in the steps of those men and women who prayed and ministered under the banner of SASRA. For although the road we travel may be hard, the provision of Christ will always be enough.
- Revd. Jonathan Forman

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